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The New Career Growth Platform Built For The Fast Changing World of Work.

Interview with Courtney Brand, Founder & CEO of thelighthouse

Tell us more about your company. What inspired you to build it?

CB: “thelighthouse is a personalized
career growth platform built for the
future of work. Our solution leverages
scalable technology to connect
employees to relevant professionals,
resources, and events – tailored to their
individual career goals, challenges, and
I was inspired to build thelighthouse
because I experienced our customers’
problem first hand. As a hungry and
driven Millennial professional, I was
frustrated that each time I reached a
“career inflection point” and was looking
for guidance, I was calling my Mom or
Sister for career advice.
Like me, most professionals rely on their
direct network for career advice,
whether that be their parents, partners,
siblings, or friends. Or Google, that’s
another common go-to source.

“thelighthouse is building
the Waze for your career,
starting with a career
growth platform built for
the fast changing world of
work. We empower rising
mid-career professionals
with the network, insights,
and support to reach their
career goals and maximize
their potential via one-on-one matching with relevant
professionals, curated
resources, and memberdriven events.”

These solutions aren’t cutting it and it’s
becoming an increasingly large pain
point as our generation navigates
dynamic career paths and frequent
changes to the way we work.
Lack of effective career growth solutions
is a pain point for companies as well.
In fact, 72% of companies offer career
development and spending has doubled
what it was in 2016. Yet, lack of future
career development is the #1 reason
people leave jobs, due to the fact that
traditional Learning and Development
(L&D) programs are reactive, and lack
the individualization necessary to drive
relevancy and impact.
Our incessant focus on a member-driven
experience is why thelighthouse’s
NPS is 4x higher than traditional L&D

What is the long term vision of your company? And how can our
readers get involved?

CB: “thelighthouse’s vision is to empower
professionals to navigate the fast
changing world of work with clarity and
confidence. We are working toward that
vision by becoming the go-to source of
career insight for professionals at every
stage of their ever-changing careers.”

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Courtney on Linkedin
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