Pod: The New Social Media Network

The First App To Allow People To Easily Find & Connect With Each.


Please tell us about Pod. What inspired you to build it?

JW: “We felt that the world needed a better
way to connect. The first generation of social
media products like Facebook had people take
their friends and family and put them online
and communicate with them online. Few
people meet someone new on Facebook. We
wanted to create an app that meets the
immediacy of our world today and to allow
people to easily and immediately meet people
around them based on proximity and
interests. Pod is the first app to allow people
to easily find and connect with each other
based on proximity and interest. In order to
do this Pod uses mapping technology and
elastic search capability. Pod is on
a mission to bring people together. With the
arrival of the coronavirus we could see that
people were not meeting in person anymore –
but the importance of community and
meeting new people was ever more
important. We introduced video meetings into
the app and focused on community
building features.”

How is Pod encouraging people to open up their networks for diversity/ inclusion?

JW: “We want to help people meet and stay in
touch. Meeting new people is one of the most
basic psychological human needs and we have
seen this with the rapid adoption of Pod
across the world. One of the big challenges of
LinkedIn and other first-generation social
media networks is that they encouraged us to
work within our own networks and hence
there is a startling lack of diversity within the
network groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Jeff Weiner the outgoing CEO of LinkedIn
commented on this. Pod seeks to help people
create strong and diverse networks based on
shared interests and proximity.”

How is Pod scaling so rapidly, having more than 5M users globally, with current members inviting more than 40 million people to join?

JW: “Pod is currently available in English only
but it has attracted users all over the world.
We plan to translate Pod into the eight major
languages and to market Pod around the
world in 2021. We know we have something
very special here. With or without a
pandemic, we all need each other. If Pod can
help bring people together today, imagine
what it can do tomorrow.”

What would you like our readers to remember about Pod?

JW: “At Pod we believe in the power of real
connections. The first generation of social
media apps have encouraged us all to take our
friends, put them online and communicate
with them online. At Pod we are on a mission
to do the opposite. We want to bring people
Pod – Who Will You Meet Today?

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