LingoZING: The Only Audio-Comic Teacher!

Founder Interview with Kyra Pahlen.

LingoZING! Is the only gamified edutaining app that uses comic books,
picture books & graphic novels with enabling functionalities to help teach languages,
subjects, culture & general literacy to children and adults.


Please tell us about LingoZING. What inspired you to build an audio comic books startup?

I was born to multi-lingual parents and attended various schools in different language systems. In class I loved images and stories. We were all devouring Asterix which, still today, is the only reason we retained the 5 words of Latin we still know.  I later found out that Asterix was actually created to teach Latin upon request of absolutely desperate teachers trying to get students to pay attention. Reading comics in Rome really helped me learn Italian. Kids and teens love stories and stories influence beliefs and perception thereafter – so as my life has been in media – and when technology came along – it was obvious to me that the marriage of voice/image/story and tech was great support to learn a language. 

What are the main advantages of learning new languages through comic books vs. other traditional ways?

The key is narrative content. Narrative content talks to emotions, to the heart – it is a story and one is eager to know what happens – and as a result one retains. Then there is the audio-visual self-paced factor. Think of it – movies are used to learn languages but the translation is not that accurate and it goes very fast; comics are static – no sound. Also, one learns the language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people in a particular country or region in daily life.

What uses other than learning languages does LingoZING offer?

A good story can teach context, skills and Corporate Training. For instance, with our History titles, you can learn about Napoleon, Elizabeth the Great, Genghis Khan and a language; simultaneously one learns about the culture, the habits. With our titles on economy, one learns about Mergers & Acquisitions; with our own in-house created Award-winning title Crypto, one learns about crypto-currency. That title is actually in use by the Minister of Finance and Economy of France as a tool to teach economics.

What are some of the most popular titles that LingoZING offers?

Crypto, as it is unique but it shows we can create comics on subjects for Corporate Training and also use our imagination to create “Branding” stories for corporations or individuals. Then we have the classics such as Garfield, the Smurfs, Planet of the Apes, Lumberjanes and many more.

Who is your target audience?

We have titles for all ages, all levels and all interests, be it a teen wanting a simple story, an adult wanting a complex one – or a child needing to learn to read and write – our audio-comics are excellent tools.

I can summarize by saying all those who must learn a language, have difficulties doing so, and are looking for an engaging way, and all those who want to learn a language and are looking for inspiring tools.

What are you looking for?

International Strategic partners who want to distribute or add to our library; investors who see the amazing potential; Corporations looking for fast, low-cost, original but effective ways to train their employees and make them happy doing so – or who wish to gain or develop their image. What I mean by that is: think Tesla – we now all know the story of Nicola Tesla – and that gave the company an aura, of course that the car was great, helped! We can create or enhance the Corporate Image of a company by giving it a back story that makes it emotionally appealing.

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