Meet Face2Face Health: The Startups That Is Transforming The Digital Health For Children and Families

Face2Face Health is a transformative digital health platform, providing parents with a single, end-to-end solution to help optimize healthcare for their children and families.

Founder Interview with Dr. Ami Shah

Face2Face Health is dedicated to assisting the parents of the 70% of American children who are not screened for developmental issues early on. What are some differences F2F has been able to make so far in real family’s lives? 

We are providing FREE access for 30 days to our 126 courses on top medical and education topics and webinar materials to as many parents and caregivers as possible.  The tools and resources include not only background information but professionally vetted and evidence based apps, books, toys, games, books and activities for the top 125 medical and educational topics for kids ages zero to 18 based on data from what parents search for on line, what insurance companies reimburse and what health care providers treat and so basically common conditions….it would take hundreds of hours and several websites to gain the knowledge that we have put together and that you can learn in just under 30 minutes for each interactive course to add value to your child and family’s health and well-being.  The material was written by experts from over 90 specialties and is easy to use and understand with all references provided.  This self paced learning is valuable in that you can immediately have tools and resources that provide impact and then also do screening or a virtual consult with medical or other experts on our platform immediately to answer your questions regarding your child’s development and overall health and wellness.  It would have been a game changer in my overall journey and those of the 2,000 plus parents and 500 plus health care providers that  I spoke to that led to the birth of this company.

There is a detectable overall shift in patients’ understanding the real benefits of comprehensive, holistic healthcare in the United States. Do you believe Face2Face Health is at the forefront of this movement? Do you predict the field to transform into something entirely new?  

We believe that we are at the forefront of digital health by providing holistic health in the form of telehealth, education and communities in one place across health care silos utilizing both medical and non-medical experts from physicians to teachers and mindfulness experts who can address the whole health of a child or family member.  Optimal health means addressing mind, body, spirit and community for any disease with nutrition and mindfulness techniques at the forefront and we have researched these tools and resources for parents on the top 125 conditions impacting children’s health and provided them in one place.  Our telehealth virtual consults include advice or actual care with medical and non-medical experts across five key health care silos:  General Health, Emotional Health, Development, Mind/Body/Nutrition and Education/Advocacy.  We also offer evidence based screening with providers so that you can identify conditions easily and get a treatment plan in place.  We also offer physician grade supplements and traditional prescriptions as well as remote monitoring so we can keep track of our patients well-being.  We also provide support and advocacy in the form of our communities and offer live webinars on a variety of topics that are later available in our webinar library for all members.  Our motto for holistic health is:  Learn, Care and Share.  

What can you tell potential patients who may already have a developed relationship with their child’s healthcare provider about setting up a consultation with Face2Face Health?

Face2Face Health is a holistic health and education platform that partners with parents to provide tools and resources to top health conditions their children may face as well as access to several types of healthcare and other experts who can provide expertise on different aspects of a specific disease or condition that will help your child or family member.  Thus, any traditional healthcare provider can use Face2Face Health as a referral platform for additional expertise, support and advocacy for all parents and families so they can optimize their health and well-being through learning, caring and sharing.   We offer traditional and alternative health options backed by science and we provide that knowledge to our users in an easy to understand format with valuable tools and resources that make immediate impact.  We have also aggregated information from thousands of sources and vetted them with our professional experts before including them in our learning courses.

How has the current pandemic affected your business functions and how do you predict they will change them in the future?

We are a holistic digital health startup offering telehealth, education, webinars and support/advocacy via communities.  We had some delays and funding challenges due to COVID however we were able to persevere through these and we now have nearly 300 providers and have launched in NY and have closed new deals post COVID as we essentially had to hit almost a “reset” button as the all the momentum we made previously on deals were also impacted.  We have a very passionate executive team and advisory board who have stayed true to our social impact mission and vision of optimizing children’s and family’s health and wellness and each have their own individual journeys and passions that help drive the company forward  as Face2Face Health is a reality because of the passionate and talented team that has given 1,000 percent for the progress we have made to date during these difficult times. 

What are your most prioritized goals for the next five years?

Our goals are social impact to optimize children’s health and wellness with high profitability for the families we have the pleasure to serve.  It is the story of over 2,000 parents and 500 health care providers that gave birth to this company addressing the pain points of access, knowledge and support.  This is what we have created in one simple environment and our goal is to get the product in as many users’ hands as possible and expand our reach.  We hope to do this with the right partners and funders who believe in our social impact mission and vision as this is a highly profitable space but our approach is holistic health and treatment of the whole person with tools and resources that empower education and support through learning, caring and sharing. 

How do you see Face2Face Health expanding reach and impact in the future? 

We would like to partner with as many businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals to get them access to our education and webinars so that they can also benefit from our children’s healthcare literacy program we have created.  It benefits our customers and leads to billions of dollars in cost savings for companies as the top 20 health care conditions for children cost our healthcare system over $400 billion annually and delays in diagnosis and absenteeism cost corporate America over $250 billion annually.  We have partnerships with Wakefern/Kimberly Clark and NFL Alumni, several individual medical practices and other businesses to help get we want to partner with as many businesses and consumers to offer them the tools and resources we created and access to care.    

What is the best way for our readers to learn more about your product and service offerings?

To learn more about Face2Face Health please visit our website at and you can also watch our youtube video Face2Face Health: Learn, Care, Share and read our Working Mother Article Getting a Child’s Diagnosis as a Working Mom Was Overwhelming…and I’m a Doctor  Feel free to reach out to me anytime at 


Founder Bio:

Dr. Shah is founder of Face2Face Health, a virtual end-to-end solution for parents and caregivers to help their children and families  through telemedicine, interactive learning, and support communities. The company is inspired by her personal journey with her children with challenges. She has nearly 20 years of both clinical practice including practicing telemedicine and has worked as a global versatile senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry in the arenas of clinical development, drug safety and risk management.    She is a board-certified Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine physician and fellow of the American College of Physicians, and also fellowship-trained in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine as well as Aesthetics  and currently practices part-time.   She is a Clinical Associate Professor and serves on the Dean’s Leadership Council at Wright State University School of Medicine, her alma mater.   Dr. Shah has held several leadership positions at the local, state, and national level and is a member of countless other non-profit organizations that have in common a focus on children and women’s global health and education issues.  To date, she has mentored several next generational leaders, performs various free health care services in clinics, lectures in the community, and has travelled to over 20 countries on medical missions in the past 20 years.  She is currently on the board of the of the New York County Medical Society (NYCMS),  on committees at NYCMS and the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) and  is on the board of New York City and the Vanderbilt YMCA. She has been the recipient of the prestigious top 50 Outstanding Asian Americans in business (2012) and is also featured as one of the top 101 Indian American Emerging and Global Leaders by Roshni Media (2015). She is a proud, single mother of her almost twelve year old twins, Anya and Prem Nagarajan and lives in NYC.

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