Meet CHIC CHIQ – The Skincare Company That Will Match Your Beauty Care With Your Dosha

CHIC CHIQ is a luxury skincare company with products that follow the three basic rules of Ayurveda beauty care: cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing.

Interview with Patrycja Pietracha-Rotithor and Amol Rotithor, Co-Founders of CHIC CHIQ


As homeopathic medicine and Ayurveda-inspired wellness become more monetized and widely re-integrated, how do you believe CHIC CHIQ will stay at the forefront of innovation in this niche industry? 

Ayurveda is a lifestyle – it literally means ‘knowledge of life’. Though Ayurveda itself is over 5000 years old, it has remained a niche so far. There are also clear reasons for this. Firstly, the lack of understanding about what Ayurveda really is and how to get started with practicing Ayurveda on a day-to-day basis. Secondly, natural Ayurvedic products have remained difficult to commercialize due to their odor, texture, and difficult in handling.

With CHIC CHIQ, we have addressed both topics. We primarily see ourselves as an Ayurveda educational platform where we simplify concepts and seek to inform and educate our audience with practical knowledge they can implement immediately. We also focused our attention towards creating skincare products that are not only natural and effective but also fit in with our lifestyle and modern sensibilities.

Our goal is to continue innovating with skincare products by leaning on Ayurveda’s treasure trove of hidden secrets. An example would be the dry powder face masks that only activate ingredients when you decide to do so. 

As we have seen earlier with Yoga and recently with the Vegan movement, Ayurveda’s journey towards mass popularity has started and we are in the early stages of a breakout.

How have your professional goals changed since co-founding CHIC CHIQ? Can you think of an important lesson you both have learned throughout the process?

Our goals have remained consistent since the beginning. We wish to become the #1 global Ayurveda company and continue to inform and educate our growing audience about the benefits of Ayurveda. 

Skincare is one aspect of Ayurveda. However, there is a lot more business potential remaining to be unlocked in the areas of mental health, sleep, Ayurvedic pharmaceutical products, etc. We have tried to remain true to our goal and our tactics have followed our strategic vision. External events such as COVID have obviously influenced our battleplan. For example, our retail rollout which was planned for Spring 2020 obviously had to be shelved. But despite this setback, we were able to grow our social media audiences by 500% which has helped us raise our profile as a D2C brand. 

So, the lesson really has been to follow our strategic direction but to remain nimble on our feet tactically and adjust quickly and pivot if necessary.

CHIC CHIQ’s current products relate to your core business offering of Ayurveda-inspired cosmetics with a modern approach. Do you predict this expertise might expand or change in the future?

COVID has put the spotlight back firmly on topics such as self-care, immunity, mental health and overall well-being. At CHIC CHIQ we want to explore these topics since they fall perfectly within the remit of Ayurveda. Skincare is our point of entry. Our long-term vision is to expand our expertise to other areas such as Ayurveda medicine, wellness, superfoods, immunity boosters, sustainable fashion, accessories, lifestyle consultations, etc. 

We want the brand CHIC CHIQ to be synonymous with Ayurveda expertise and we think Ayurveda could be a global platform that shares knowledge, products and services for overall wellness. Incredibly the skincare and wellness industry has largely stayed away from Ayurveda so far. We think Ayurveda is an incredible store of value – both for consumer health and for business potential – and we are excited to build on that and realize its true potential.

Ayurvedic medicine is sought out by a specific market; how do you find you are best able to build your customer base? Who are they, typically? Also, have you found the current pandemic has positively or negatively affected your ability to build your customership?

The pandemic has been great for our brand building efforts. Our media strategy is to produce multiple pieces of practical and valuable content everyday on Instagram and lately on TikTok. Because our audience of 25-45 year old females in urban areas largely hangs out on these platforms. This audience is curious about Ayurveda – they have heard about it, but don’t know much in detail. But they are willing to find out and try out different solutions. They have typically tried multiple products from globally recognized brands and have been left disappointed or underwhelmed by their experience.  

For this audience, we have eschewed the normal approach taken by brands – hire an agency and post high quality glossy pictures of models wearing our products. We have seen that does not fly with our audience. We provide high value content that engages our audience and elevates us as a reliable brand in their minds. We find this also translates into sales revenue. 

The pandemic has been really beneficial to us from a brand building stand-point and in the coming months we seek to double down on our strategy – more content on multiple platforms at scale. 

Co-founding a company is a major accomplishment in itself, how are you able to measure success on a smaller scale and stay motivated in the day-to-day?

From a personal standpoint as founders and operators we derive great pride in the following. 

  1. We are a bootstrapped company so far and our financial discipline has kept us alive and we have even thrived during the pandemic. We pride ourselves on our ability to get more value out of every dollar spent. 
  2. We focus on our customers, we understand their needs (for products, service or content), and we over deliver on their expectations. 

When our customers send us messages such as “I have never had better face masks than those of CHIC CHIQ. And trust me – I have tried them all”, it excites us and motivates us to work harder and keep going.

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